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Creative work, students of grade 7 on the theme «Great Patriotic War»
«Every year the festival has its own direction. This year its motto is the infinite power of faith, love and hope. The festival is intended to show that geographical boundaries do not stand in our way. It is not an obstacle for each other to be called brother and sister, common language, sit down together …
Creative work of students in grade 6 - you had to invent your own coat of arms or draw an existing one.
The holiday took place! To the glory of God! The full report will be on the festival website. Articles in the press: On TASS tape http://tass.ru/obschestvo/5194506 Article in the newspaper: «Moskovsky Komsomolets» An article in the newspaper: Moskovskaya Pravda http://mospravda.ru/2018/05/11/74925/ At the festival worked «City of Crafts». Over 30 organizations presented their crafts and conducted …
The fifth class, as always, pleases with its activity and creative approach))
PROJECT ON SOCIAL SCIENCE IN CLASS 7 ON THE TOPIC ADVERTISING. Now with students in grade 7 we are preparing a project on the topic of Advertising. The idea of ​​the project: the creation of advertising for the children’s bar, where you can have fun.   
On April 19, a theoretical lesson on social studies was held in the 6th grade by topics: A person is famous for good deeds. Be brave. The children learned which works are good and which are evil. And about the fact that good deeds can be glorified, and not how the Old Woman Shapoklyak sang …
April 19, a theoretical lesson on social studies in grade 7 was held on the topic: Exchange, trading, advertising. During the lesson, the children learned what exchange is, what types of trade exist and how they are implemented, they got acquainted with the structure of advertising. In the next lesson, let's get down to practice.