In the last sixth year I had another practice at school. This time I was admitted to the Astrakhan Linguistic Gymnasium in Grade 7 B, where I had to spend a few lessons in social studies an extra-curricular event, which will be discussed now.

Various New Year's competitions were held. Among them: the tournament 10 questions, who will quickly distribute gifts, music and dance contests. Among the boys of the class was selected Santa Claus. They put a note in the cap with the names of the boys, and the host of the event (that is, I) pulled out a note and announced who would be Santa Claus. Santa Claus approached each student to take a selfie, congratulated, made compliments and asked who wants what to get for the New Year. After the games proposed by me, we played with the class in what the children wanted to play: a crocodile, cities, forfeits.

The kids really enjoyed the event, everyone was cheerful and contented.