In the Astrakhan Linguistic Gymnasium, a social studies lesson was held in 7 B grade, which was assigned to me in practice. The topic of the lesson: «I», «we» and «they». The form of a lesson: a practical lesson.

We learned new terms and concepts of “we,” “they,” “I,” “ours,” and “aliens” in the lesson. Understood how the mechanism of transition of one state of proximity of people to another works. We learned to characterize the group affiliation of people; determine the factors of the social environment that influence the formation of a particular groups; work in mini groups, prove your point, speak in public; solve educational and problem tasks. Managed to understand: the importance of awareness of the different roles that people perform in the course of communication; the inconsistency of the concepts «we», «they», «I», «own», «alien».

In the introduction to the lesson, I read to the students a parable about the spring puddle, which had several reflections, after which the students answered the questions they asked. After explaining the theoretical material, the students proceeded to the practical task. It was necessary to describe the state of his neighbor on the desk. His mood, feelings, desires at the moment. The one whose condition describes, had to confirm or deny the words of his neighbor on the desk.

At the end of the lesson we discussed how we will hold the New Year event. But more about that later.