It is time to find out what is right and what is not.

1. I am studying for a historian — that’s right. This year I finish the sixth course

2. My favorite pet rabbit. — Right. Since childhood, most of all I love rabbits and hares.

3. I do not have a favorite color. — Right. I am an artist and do not have the right to a favorite color.

4. I sit on the splits. — Wrong. Although I knew how to sit on it, but now, after a muscle injury, I cannot yet. It is necessary to wait when everything is restored.

5. I have pets. — Wrong.

6. I write poems — Right

7. I love children — right

8. I participated in an archaeological expedition — Wrong. Passed the archaeological practice in the laboratory

9. Doing charity — That’s right.

10. I am 25 years old — True