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Recently, I was lucky enough to learn about one interesting wedding tradition. Congratulations are embroidered on the towel, after which, when the guests gather at the wedding, they sign it. I really liked this idea, I am grateful for her to the person for whom she embroidered a towel. And I hope that you will …
Today, at the request of the administration school camp school №74 Astrakhan «Sun», I organized an exhibition and held a master class on beading, where children learned to weave bracelets in techniques: weaving berries, cross and rings.
Everyone is in the same new year mood as these roosters!))
Today completed another work — «Apron for the cook.» Perfect gift for people who love to cook! Except for the Christmas holidays, personalized aprons can give on Valentine’s day, February 23 and March 8!
Today was the third session on artistic embroidery. Began to study the section decorating seams. On the basis of the seams "back needle" and "forward needle", five seams have mastered. Pupils set homework. At the next lesson, which will take place on August 29 at 15:00 Moscow time, we will continue to study this section. …
«Arbor in the spring garden» in the technique of cross-stitch