Many girls face such a problem, at a party you want to look original and unique. I want beautiful and unique photos. But they understand that in identical dresses the queen of the party will not work.

Many girls because of the non-standard figure, it is difficult to choose elegant clothes. A client approached me for help, her name is Sophia. The figure is too thin, in this case it is also very problematic to choose beautiful clothes.

First, Sofia went to the studio to order a dress for herself, but she was not satisfied with what was too expensive, and it would take a long time to wait.
After, she turned to her friend Larisa, asking them to sew a dress for her, but she refused because she now has a very small child and does not have enough time for it yet.

Sofia reacted to this with understanding, and decided to sew a dress by herself. She could make the cut, but she didn’t know how to decorate it better. Revised a lot of literature, but never found the right solution.

Last year, Sofia signed up for me for a free online marathon, which lasted a week. And she could not only decorate her cut-out dress, but also mastered several more embroidery techniques. And now she learns to decorate the clothes of her children and girlfriends. If you recognize yourself in this story, write to me in the LAN. Although I have a turn, but I will try to give you time to solve your problem. From July 16 to July 22, there will be a marathon for decorating clothes dedicated to my anniversary. Those interested can apply to the group and get acquainted with the details.