Today is the second day of the II all-Russian summer school for teachers, where I attended 6 online classes.

At the lecture «Evolution in teaching: changing the roles of teacher and student» Chernobay Elena, Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Director of the center for the study of teacher practices of HSE studied the features of a new generation of children, what is the result-oriented education. What are the changes in the activities of the teacher. What is the level differentiation. What professional roles and functions the teacher performs. What are the principles of the new pedagogy.

At the Workshop «Effective personalization of the leader»
Scabbard Olga Sergeevna
K. psychological Sciences, Methodist, author of articles and trainings for teachers talked about what personalization is. How to manage your own efficiency, actions and thinking of subordinates. What are the styles of group management. What is regulation and corporate standard? What are the corporate values? What should be done to create a favorable socio-psychological climate. On the principles of delegation of authority. What is coordination and control. What is the operational motivation. What is operational leadership. What should be the tactics of behavior of the head and subordinate.

At the Lecture «Traditions and innovations in teacher training» Alexey E. Polovinkin, Director of the online school «Foxford» were announced the key standards of education. Background change on professional standards of the teacher. Key changes in the implementation of professional standards. What will be in the GEF in 2020. What are the goals of standards development. What is a summer online workshop.

Lecture, «LECTA – a tool for implementing GPRO and improve educational outcomes» Sharafieva Venus Gumarovna
The sales Manager of the Corporation «Russian textbook» spoke about training courses for teachers.

At the workshop «Figure in the service of the teacher: involvement, individualization, reflection»
Kutuzov Sergei Anatolyevich
Leading methodologist on EFU Corporation «Russian textbook» students learned about what digital technologies exist. What is the use of digital technology in education. What problems arise when digital technologies appear in education. Sergey Anatolyevich told about the competition held by the Russian textbook Corporation.

At the master class «self-assessment of competence of The school Director: assistance in the implementation of the requirements of the Federal project «Teacher of the future» » Bogaenko Natalia
The head of Internet projects and communications of the Corporation «Russian textbook» told in detail and showed how to use the site of the Club of Directors. There you can find articles, webinars, reviews. On the site you can take a professional assessment test, take refresher courses, read books. Although I am not a Director, but I think that this service can be useful for a simple teacher.

I am very grateful to the organizers for being able to attend classes remotely. There were more than 850 of us. Not everyone has the opportunity to be present in person, digital technology in this we are very rescued. Thanks again!